Improve your Overall Happiness and Fulfillment

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Energy Level Impacts our Whole Life


Come learn all about the 7 levels of energy

This seminar explores how you can use this energy model to understand how you have come to be who you are, recognize how you are showing up in life now, and how you can break through any limitations holding you back from creating the life of your choosing.

Find out how to unlock your unlimited potential; improve your overall feelings of happiness and fulfillment; and improve your relationships – intimate, social, family, parenting and professional.

Leading us on this two-hour journey of self-awareness is
Certified Professional Coach
Ann Papayoti,
a master practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index.

Thursday April 21st
Roxboro Chalet, 10 11 Rue, Roxboro, H8Y 2P3
Cost: $5
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