Journaling Workshop – Self Sight

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Journaling for Self Discovery and HealingJournalingImage

Nisa Support in collaboration with

Centre Communautaire Laurentien

is offering

Self Sight
Illuminating and harmonizing your self

About Self Sight:

SelfSight is a journaling adventure that offers enlightening insight into the many aspects of your Self.  It’s founded in the belief that Self-awreness and the cultivation of inner harmony are invaluable tools for personal growth and, ultimately, for our world.

The Importance of understanding the Self
To know, understand, and accept yourSelf is to have ultimate freedom.  It sets you free to be your best you, to tap into untold inner resources, and to experience everything around you from a new, illuminated perspective.

SelfSight will help you:
* Bring out and actualize the best in you
* Develop greater self-acceptance & build confidence
* Resolve inner conflict and break harmful patterns
* improve relationships
* Recognize how your emotions and perceptions influence your thinking and behavior
* Gain greater control over aspects of your personality
* Learn the positive elements of what you consider the negative parts of your Self
* Improve your inner peace

Class details

8 Sessions
Fridays 2pm-4pm 

Jan. 15th – Mar. 4th

Centre Communautaire Laurentien

12265 Blvd Laurentien

Montreal, H4K 1N5

Cost: $50

Jill Boileau


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