Nisa Support Toastmasters Club




Ever had a situation where you were trying to get your message across to someone and they just didn’t get it?

You say, my God! how do i get this person to understand me?

You think they just don’t understand.

Ever think it might be your communication skills that need some brushing up?

Then, you’re in the right place!

Nisa Support is launching its own

“Toastmasters Club”

Become part of the first Women’s Toastmaster’s club in Montreal

Develop your communication, public speaking and leadership skills and meet other women that are also looking to better themselves in these interpersonal abilities.

Don’t know what a toastmaster’s club is and why you should join?

Come to our demo toastmasters meeting as a trial and find out for yourself

Bring a friend to discover the benefits too!

March 29th

10am – 12pm

Venue TBD


RSVP by March 23rd


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