Nisa Support Activities

Art Class – Learn to draw Mandalas

Art and colouring have really taken off and many people find it soothing and therapeutic to engage in this activity


It’s a great stress reliever and a wonderful pastime

Learn to draw Mandalas
with Sumayyah Petrus

Thursday April 14th

Address: Roxboro Chalet, 10 11th Rue, Roxboro H8Y 2P3
Cost: $6 for materials

registration & info:

Yoga Classes with Wafa

Strengthen your body,

release stress and calm down like never before



Class Details

Roxboro Chalet, 10 11th Rue, Roxboro, H8Y 2P3
Every Thursday for 8 weeks (until June 2nd, 2016)
Please bring your own yoga mat
Cost: $40/8 classes
drop in rate: $7

registration and info:

Nisa Support Weekly Groups


Come out and join us to celebrate spring, wake up our bodies and souls

Join us for a free yoga class 


Stay and mingle with old friends and make new friends

Bring some food to share


Introduce a new friend to Nisa Support

Everyone is welcome!


*Please arrive by 9:45am if you’ll be joining us for the yoga class

(bring a yoga mat if you have one)

*If you are bringing children you may join us at 12pm, after the yoga class

Thursday April 7th from 10am – 2pm

Roxboro Chalet

10 11th Rue, Roxboro, H8Y 2P3



Designing Experiential Workshops for Optimal Learning

Do you have a skill you want to share with the world?

Knowledge you want to teach others?

Perhaps you want to make a living sharing your talents and skills?

This is your chance to begin the process of developing an experiential workshop to transfer your knowledge, skills and experience to the world!

Learn the art of designing workshops and trainings based on a targeted audience, a specific purpose and with desired outcomes

Gain a general understanding of experiential learning and of the conditions in which adults learn and develop

Acquire the skills necessary to design and deliver your own workshop in order to transfer your skills and knowledge to the world

You will be encouraged to begin the process of design with a real life example; a skill or knowledge that you have and want to transfer to others.

Facilitator: Riham Ahmed, MA

Organizational Development Consultant & Part-time Professor, Applied Human Sciences department, Concordia University


For more information and to register:

Location:         179 Labrosse, Pointe-Claire, QC

Date & Time:    Saturday March 19, 2016

Full-day retreat 9:30am to 3:00pm

Cost:                $40.00 includes a light lunch 


Art Class – Islamic Geometric Designs

Add Art in your life…for creativity and fun

Art and colouring have really taken off and many people find it soothing and therapeutic to engage is this activity

A great stress reliever and a wonderful pastime

Learn Islamic Geometric Design with Sumayyah Petrus

Tuesday Feb.9th & Tuesday Feb.16th
Address: 179 Labrosse, Pointe Claire
Cost: $30 (for the whole workshop)

This course is designed for beginners and everyone is welcome.

We will create our own painted masterpieces on canvas.
By the end of the class you’ll have a good concept of design and colour.

registration & info:

Journaling Workshop – Self Sight

Journaling for Self Discovery and HealingJournalingImage

Nisa Support in collaboration with

Centre Communautaire Laurentien

is offering

Self Sight
Illuminating and harmonizing your self

About Self Sight:

SelfSight is a journaling adventure that offers enlightening insight into the many aspects of your Self.  It’s founded in the belief that Self-awreness and the cultivation of inner harmony are invaluable tools for personal growth and, ultimately, for our world.

The Importance of understanding the Self
To know, understand, and accept yourSelf is to have ultimate freedom.  It sets you free to be your best you, to tap into untold inner resources, and to experience everything around you from a new, illuminated perspective.

SelfSight will help you:
* Bring out and actualize the best in you
* Develop greater self-acceptance & build confidence
* Resolve inner conflict and break harmful patterns
* improve relationships
* Recognize how your emotions and perceptions influence your thinking and behavior
* Gain greater control over aspects of your personality
* Learn the positive elements of what you consider the negative parts of your Self
* Improve your inner peace

Class details

8 Sessions
Fridays 2pm-4pm 

Jan. 15th – Mar. 4th

Centre Communautaire Laurentien

12265 Blvd Laurentien

Montreal, H4K 1N5

Cost: $50

Jill Boileau


Potluck Dinner

PotLuckLunchpicJoin us

for a fun evening

on Friday December 25th at 7pm

for a Potluck dinner

12630 Joron, Pierrefonds, H8Z 3L4

The event is open to women of all ages and all backgrounds

Please bring food to share and enjoy

among old friends

and new friends

space is limited

Please confirm your attendance and dish



Nisa Toastmasters


Nisa Toastmasters is a newly-forming toastmasters club to help foster women’s growth  

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication, leadership skills, and greater self-confidence.

The club is part of Toastmasters International: a worldwide non-profit educational organisation dedicated to help people improve their communication and leadership skills.

Toastmasters is for anyone over the age of 18 and members come from all walks of life.

One thing they have in common however is a strong desire for self-improvement and helping others.

Whether you are speaking to your staff, your co-workers, or your kids, Toastmasters can help you do it better.

At Toastmasters you’ll learn to relax, plan, and present a terrific speech, whether you have 10 days to prepare – or just 10 seconds.

You’ll learn and practice in a friendly, comfortable environment with women who are there for the same reasons you are – to become better communicators.

Our meetings are held on: 

Wednesdays 6pm-8pm

CIIC – Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization

615 Rue Belmont, Montreal (entrance from the back)

H3B 2L8

If you are interested in visiting as a guest or learning more

Contact us:

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