Nisa Support Activities

Mid-winter Potluck Lunch

Open to women of all ages and backgrounds



Assalamo Alaikum

Need some warmth?

Join us for a mid winter potluck lunch in a warm and friendly environment

bring a dish to share 

bring a friend, find a friend, make a friend

share what’s on your mind

Thursday Feb. 5th
Roxboro Chalet

10 11th Rue, Roxboro H8Y 2P3
11am – 1:30pm

(Children are welcome)


Stress Management Workshop


Stress Management Workshop given by Meda Padaurean,

Psychologist, CLSC Pierrefonds


Whether you are a student dealing with school pressures,

a new mom coping with unexpected challenges,

mom of teenagers,



career woman juggling work and family

or just stressed out over what is unfolding every day in the world,

you will benefit from this workshop.

Date: Monday January 19th

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: CLSC Pierrefonds 13800 Boul. Gouin O, Montreal H8Z 3H6

Cost:  FREE

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

– Understand what stress is and it’s impact on our lives

– Better identify the symptoms of stress

– Have more knowledge regarding different strategies to manage the stress




“Internet Basics and Beyond” Workshop

Have a laptop, a Tablet or a Smartphone?

Bring it along!


Nisa Support is offering an Internet Workshop

Thursday, January 8th 11am – 1pm
179 Labrosse, Pointe Claire H9R 1A3
Animator:  Khnsa

Cost: $5 (light lunch included)
(please arrive by 10:45am)


How to email
(open email, send email, add attachments, download attachments)

How to use the internet browser

How to save or add bookmarks

Google searches & Google maps

Internet on different devices
(tablet, cell phone, laptop)
how it may look different but essentially is the same



bring a friend……spread the word

Don’t Sweat Menopause Workshop

Are you overwhelmed by emotional swings and other symptoms of menopause like hot flashes?

Are you worried about long term effects of menopause such as osteoporosis or heart disease?

Are you wondering what foods will best nourish you in your menopausal years?

Is your soul bursting to express itself in a new way, but you are afraid of what it may say?

menopause flower

Find answers to these questions and more
Join us for an informative workshop
given by: Sharon Cohen
Thursday Dec. 11th, 1pm – 4pm
Roxboro Chalet
10 11th rue, Roxboro H8Y 2P3
cost: $7


This seminar will inform you about:
Natural ways to relieve symptoms and reduce the health risks associated with perimenopause and menopause.
What foods will help you feel amazing.
The factors that greatly influence your hormones.
Improving food absorption
The influence of hormones on weight loss and the importance of balancing your pH.
The roles that blood sugar, stress, foods and environmental factors play on our hormones.
Foods which may aggravate symptoms and deplete vital nutrients.  
How to eat to beat PMS and menopausal symptoms
What is happening in your body.


About the Presenter

Sharon has been in private practice since 1995. She specializes in nutritional, emotional and spiritual counseling, allergy elimination, PMS/menopause, and digestive disorders. Currently she lectures and gives courses on spring detoxification, weight loss, managing PMS/menopausal symptoms and emotional eating. Sharon lives and practices in the West Island of Montreal. Her passion lies in empowering people to live their most passionate lives.

 check out her website
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