Politics: Does it Really Affect My Everyday Life?

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You will be Surprised…


Little do you know, whether we’re driving, buying a home, picking up groceries or running water from the tap, the government is connected to almost all of the above —

Come and join us for a fun workshop on what it is to be a Canadian citizen with our guest speaker: Sophie Mohsen, political advisor for a Member of the Quebec National Assembly and Former candidate for the municipal election in Kirkland

This interactive workshop will introduce you to the basics of the Canadian political system and allow you to learn about how you can participate in making Canada the greatest country.

You will also learn more about the different ways in which Canada’s three levels of government—federal, provincial/territorial and municipal—influence your life.

Thursday April 28th 11:45am-2:00pm
Roxboro chalet, #10 11th Rue, Roxboro, H8Y 2P3
Cost: FREE

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